The basics on Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve runoff infiltration, enhance water quality, and build resilient community spaces.


Resource Directory

The compendium of all things stormwater including cost-benefit analysis of BMPs, design and maintenance, and performance


Guide to Green Infrastructure

How to design, monitor, improve, and sustain BMPs


Modeling Toolkit

A set of tools for large- and small-scale planning to use in the design process

Demonstration projects from the Charles River Watershed Association Blue Cities Initiative.


Examples of low impact development in eight Massachusetts communities as monitored by USGS.


Efforts to alleviate flooding in Somerville’s Union Square by retrofitting Nunziato Field

Preliminary construction of a rain garden in Chelsea, MA.

Rain garden installation at Mace Public Housing in Chelsea, MA.

Finished rain garden at Mace Public Housing in Chelsea, MA.

Infiltration basin installation in Watertown, MA.

Close-up of Watertown BMP