Sewer Use

Wholesale Rate Methodology Overview

For a primer on how the Authority determines MWRA community assessments, watch our Green Sheet video below. If you’re interested in the detail and numbers behind the specifics, we have provided the current reports for community usage, typically updated monthly by the MWRA.

Wastewater Use

MWRA currently uses a three-year average of community wastewater flows for the purposes of computing the flow-related components of wholesale sewer assessments.

Below you will find a graphical presentation entitled “How CY2015 Community Wastewater Flows Could Effect FY2017 Sewer Assessments.” The five charts on the first tab provide different perspectives on the effects of wastewater flow changes, and the remaining tabs provide a wealth of backup detail.

If you have any other further questions on the material above, please contact the MWRA Assistant Manager of Rates and Revenue Leo Norton at