July 2017

Governor Vetoes

Debt Service Assistance Line Item

Tracking Progress through the Legislature

As part of his review of the House/Senate Conference approved FY18 State Budget, Governor Baker vetoed the $1.1 million in Debt Service Assistance that the Legislature had included. Below, we track DSA through the FY18 budget cycle:

• Governor filed H1 in January → $500,000 included for DSA

• House Budget filed in April → $1.1 million included for DSA

• Senate Budget filed in May → $0 included for DSA

• Conference Budget filed in July → $1.1 million included for DSA

• Governor vetoed recommendation in July → $0 included in final version

• House and Senate override Governor’s veto? → $?

The Advisory Board will work with the House to override Governor Baker’s veto of Debt Service Assistance. We’ll keep you updated.


Would You Like to Serve

on the Executive Committee?

We Need Your Voice

The Executive Committee plays a critical role in shaping Advisory Board positions and its direction. Our 17-member committee meets the Friday before the full Advisory Board meeting at the AB offices in Charlestown. Every year in September, the Advisory Board nominates and elects members to serve on this committee.

If you would like more information, please email Joe at joseph.favaloro@mwraadvisoryboard.com or call him at (617) 788-2051.

Later in August, staff will send out the official notice for individuals who wish to be considered to be a member of the Executive Committee for FY18.


Advisory Board Field Trip

Coming on August 17

As of today, 91 people have signed up to attend our guided Boston Harbor Cruise. There is still time to RSVP! Please click here to reserve your spot today.


A More Streamlined Approach

to the Retail Rate Survey

Debuting this Year

Preparations for the Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey are underway! Part of our recent website expansion included the development of technology for enhancing the rate survey submission process. This year, we will be moving away from the standard PDF documents, and the entire submission process will be done through the Advisory Board website. Survey respondents will be receiving instructions via email this summer on how to submit their 2017 rates. The new submission technology ties into the Retail Rate Calculator, which will be launching on the Advisory Board website this fall.


Upcoming Events

For the Month of August

August 16 | 11:15 AM, John Carroll sworn in by Governor Baker
August 17 | 8:30 AM, Advisory Board Field Trip (starts at Deer Island)


Board Briefs

From the July 19 Meeting

One of the major topics of discussion at this month’s Board of Directors meeting centered on a $1.1 million change order to Chelsea Creek Headworks. The spending would cover PCB/lead paint removal and remediation as required by law - a significant undertaking since the facility is fully operational during these construction efforts. This raised a question from Board Member Joe Foti, and why Chelsea Creek includes just one form of odor control whereas Nut Island’s plan includes two forms. Read more about this topic and find meeting materials here

Please note, the Board of Directors next meets on September 20th, as there is no meeting in August.


Connect With Us!

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