Water System Redundancy

Evaluate the community impacts, costs, and timetables  of proposed alternatives to provide redundancy for the Metro Boston water system. Engage with communities and stakeholders early to solicit input on final option. Once selected, conduct public outreach to ensure communities and ratepayers are aware of the upcoming financial and construction impacts of the project.

Recent Activity
FY 2017 Q2 Goals
  • Hold a #MuniWorks Meeting to provide communities the opportunity to learn about the project alternatives and costs
  • Make a formal recommendation on the project to provide to the MWRA Board of Directors
FY 2017 Activity

September 2016

  • Staff attended Special Board of Directors meeting where the project alternatives and costs were presented.
  • Staff proposed tabling discussion until after the communities and other stakeholders had an opportunity to review and comment on the proposal.
  • Staff secured the Yawkey Center at Boston College as the meeting location for a December 8, 2016 #MuniWorks meeting on Water System Redundancy.
Prior Activity


May 2016

  • Advisory Board votes to support keeping a $1.4 billion placeholder project in the proposed FY17 CIP while reserving its right to make future recommendations.
  • Advisory Board recommends the Authority explore a Project Management Division (PMD) approach similar to the one used for the Boston Harbor Project.
Comments and Recommendations History

FY 2017 (printed June 2016)


  • The Advisory Board recommends keeping the $1.4 billion associated with Metropolitan Tunnel Redundancy in the CIP as a placeholder for the future project. The Advisory Board reserves its right to make future recommendations on the cost, scope, and makeup of any project(s) associated with this expense. (page 34; #1)
  • The advisory Board recommends that the Authority consider using the Program Management Division model used for the Boston Harbor Project when implementing the Metropolitan Tunnel Redundancy Project(s). (page 34; #2)

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