Please use this page as a resource for any questions you may have on the 2018 Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey submission process. If you have additional questions or needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Advisory Board staff by email at or phone at 617-788-2055.

Thank you!


How do I get a copy of the 2018 Rate Survey Questionnaire?

You can access the survey questionnaire through the link you received in your email. Make sure you are using the link specifically sent to you as there are different versions for communities receiving different services. If you no longer have access to your link, or need a new one generated, please contact for assistance.

When I click the “Next” button, the next page is not generated.

If you experience any difficulty moving forward, be sure to check if you are receiving any error messages in the page. These will occur if you have not answered all of the required questions or if you have misplaced information (like putting letters in a field for numbers).

How do I go back to a previous section of the survey?

Starting on page two, you will have the option to return to previous pages by using the “Previous” button at the bottom of each page.

Can I save my progress in the survey and return at a later time?

At any time in the survey you can click the “save and continue later” button to generate a link that you can use to return to the survey at a later date. This feature will be helpful if multiple people are required to fill out the survey.

What if I am only responsible for filling out one of the utilities, water or sewer, but not both?

There are occasions where each utility in a community is governed separately. If your community falls into this category, please only fill out the information applicable to your particular utility of concern. If you receive errors messages for blank questions on the other utility, please go back and answer them appropriately using the “None” and “N/A” answer choices.

How do I use the “Tier Start” and “Tier End” fields on page four and page six?

The Tier Start and Tier End fields indicate the minimum and maximum usage for each tier of your utility rates. For example, if your first tier was for usage between 0 and 25 HCF, your Tier Start would be “0” and your Tier End would be “25”. Please note that the Tier Start for the next tier would be “26” and not “25”. Please avoid using characters like “<”, ”>”, and “=” to describe your tiers in this table. For infinite tiers/all units having the same cost, please see the questions below.

What if my community’s rates do not have tiers and all units cost the same?

The tables on page four and page six are designed to allow you to enter as many tiers as needed into the table. This may not be necessary if every tier for a utility in your community is billed the same. In this case, you will leave the “Tier Start” and “Tier End” fields blank, or enter “0”” for each. Please still enter the correct unit and correct rate for each unit as usual.

How do I enter the highest tier for my community and what should I enter if the highest tier does not have a set number?

The highest tier will be entered like the lower tiers with a start tier and end tier. The highest tier in your community can be left blank if it does not have an actual number assigned to it. For example, if your community’s highest tier is one rate for every HCF used after 50 HCF used, the start tier would be “51” and the tier end would be left blank.

What if the commercial rates are the same as the residential rates in my community?

If the commercial rates are the same as the residential rates for a utility in your community, there is no need to reenter this information on pages five and six. Simply check the box for “Check here if commercial water/sewer fees/rates are the same as residential water/sewer rates in your community” for the appropriate utility and move onto the next page.

What if there are extra notes or costs I would like to include?

On page nine of the survey, you will have the opportunity to add in any additional information, attachments, or feedback. You may also get in contact with the Advisory Board staff by emailing or calling 617-788-2055 for assistance.

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