Goal: Work to ensure rates that are sustainable, predictable, and as low as reasonable.

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FY 2016 Q2 Goal
  • Work with Authority staff to begin plans for mitigating variability in water assessment increases.
FY 2016 Activity

July 2015

  • Initiated discussions with Authority regarding smoothing of proposed water rate revenue requirement assessments.
Prior Activity

March 2014

  • Long-Term Rates Management Committee meets and agrees to recommend $10 million deposit into OPEB with the balance to be used for strategic rate relief in future years.
  • MWRA Board of Directors selects three representatives and Executive Director for Long-Term Rates Management Committee.

January 2014

  • Executive Committee selects two representatives and Executive Director for LTRMC.

December 2014

  • Exec. Director added LTRM Committee member selection to Exec. agenda for January.
  • AB Exec. Director asked MWRA Exec. Director for LTRMC meeting in February with goal for March vote.
  • MWRA Exec. Director announced at BOD Meeting that LTRMC would be reconvened in early CY 2015.

November 2014

  • Executive Director discussed reconvening LTRMC with MWRA Exec. Director and MWRA Director of Administration and Finance.

June 2014

  • MWRA agreed with AB Recommendation for reconvening LTRM Committee.
Comments and Recommendations History

FY 2015 (printed May 2014)

  • The Advisory Board recommends that the Long-Term Rates Management Committee be reconvened with updated membership according to the original makeup present on the committee, and that meetings begin in September 2014 (page 47; #7).
  • The Advisory Board recommends the Authority further formalize these efforts by creating a working committee to consider the range of tools available to ensure a measured approach to meeting its rate revenue needs through 2022 (page 84; #20).