Dear Community Stakeholders,


Significant changes have been made to the lead and copper rule that will impact communities over the coming years. Below is an overview of the anticipated changes along with some survey questions to help gauge levels of preparedness and concern among communities.

Overview of Lead and Copper Rule adjustments:


  • Over next 3 years each community must come up with inventory of service lines (on public and private property). Inventory includes lead, galvanized, or non-lead product lines.
  • Lines with no known record must be labeled as “unknown” on the inventory.
  • By January of 2024 the inventory needs to be submitted to the state and it has to be available to the public.
  • Properties with lead, galvanized, and unknown lines will have be notified annually of this, be made aware of the associated risks, and encouraged to replace.
  • By January 2024, a plan to replace active lead and galvanized lines and to resolve unknown lines will have to be submitted to DEP.
  • Addition of a new 10 ppb trigger replacement
  • Disruptions to any line will require sampling a notice to the customer and possibly providing a pitcher filter to the customer for a 6-month period.
  • Lead service lines will be requiring sampling (this may drive reported number up)
  • Lead service lines will require sampling in the service line (homeowner will use 5 bottles and the 5th bottle will be used for compliance ) (this may drive reported number up)
  •  If a community’s 90th percentile result is over 15ppb, 24 hours notification to all customers will be required. This will require more extensive communication to customers.
  • 3-day notice for any homes of sample results over the action level, and find and fix actions.
  • There will be more interaction with schools. National requirement that schools and childcare facilities be sampled. For first 5 years, 20% of Pre-K and elementary schools (and any other schools that ask) and child care facilities. Any school after 5 years.
  • Goosenecks not required in inventory but must be replaced if identified.
  • New Administration is reviewing the Revised LCR, and may make further changes.