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Advisory Board Final Federalism Comments

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Advisory Board Federalism Final Comments

 The Advisory Board in conjunction with the MWRA reached out to member communities for comments and feedback on potential revisions to EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule

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MWRA LCR Revision Presentation



Water systems must sample tap and take actions including:
  • Treating water to make it less corrosive to plumbing materials that contain lead and copper
  • Educating consumers
  • Replacing lead service lines

Health Effects

of Lead and Copper
  • Lead damages the brain, red blood cells and kidneys
  • Copper can cause stomach and intestinal distress, liver or kidney damage, and complications of Wilson’s disease in genetically predisposed people

EPA Outreach

Pursuant to the “Federalism” Executive Order (#13132), EPA reached out to elected state and local government officials to discuss potential changes to the LCR.
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Federalism Consultation Letter


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EPA LCR Revisions Presentation


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