Integrated Comments and Recommendations

on the MWRA’s Proposed FY18
Capital Improvement Program and Current Expense Budget

Click the image to view, download, or print the full PDF of the Advisory Board’s Integrated Comments and Recommendations on the MWRA’s Proposed Current Expense Budget and Capital Improvement Program, including:

  • Reducing the MWRA’s wholesale assessments from 3.79% to 3.19% – the lowest rate increase in five years
  • Our approach to funding the new cross-harbor cable for Deer Island without causing “rate shock” in future years.
  • Our case for a waiver on Enterococcus treatment in Deer Island’s new NPDES permit, which would save the MWRA $1.3 million each year
  • And more!


Integrated Comments and Recommendations

This PDF extracts key pages from the full document featuring:

  • Substantive discussion on policy recommendations
  • List of Comments
  • List of Recommendations
  • A summary of Advisory Board financial recommendations as well as updated MWRA budget assumptions

Capital Improvement Program Section

This PDF extracts the CIP-related chapters from the full document:

  • CIP Highlights
  • Wastewater Capital Spending
  • Waterworks Capital Spending
  • Business and Operations Capital Spending
  • Capital Spending Cap

Current Expense Budget Section

This PDF extracts the CEB Chapters from the full document including:

  • CEB Highlights and Recommendation
  • Capital Financing
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Indirect Expenses
  • Maintenance
  • Other Services
  • Utilities
  • Chemicals
  • Professional Services
  • Other Materials
  • Training and Meetings
  • Revenue

Policy Section

This PDF extracts policy chapters including discussion on:

  1. Enterococcus Treatment at Deer Island
  2. Cross-Harbor Electric Cable
  3. Wastewater Primacy
  4. Professional Services Procurement
  5. Symbolic Lights


Appendices for the document include:

  • List of Recommendations
  • List of Comments
  • Impact of Advisory Board Recommendations and Estimated Adjustments
  • Proposed FY18 CEB Summary
  • Prior Cap Calculations and Historical Spending
  • Proposed FY18 CIP by Project
  • Incremental Changes to CIP
  • New Projects Added to the Proposed FY18 CIP