Ensure that MWRA member communities are not named as “co-permittees” on the Authority’s NPDES permit with EPA for the Deer Island Treatment Plant to avoid changing the relationship between the MWRA and its communities from “partner” to “enforcer”.

Challenges Ahead

Challenges Ahead

At the next Advisory Board meeting Executive Director Joe Favaloro will update members on the challenges we see ahead for FY17. Top of the list are:   The Advisory Board has stated time and again that “we pay for projects once.” The MWRA agrees with our position,...
Clinton NPDES Permit Imminent?

Clinton NPDES Permit Imminent?

EPA has issued letters to Clinton and Lancaster (below) that asserts its right to issue them co-permits for MWRA’s Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant. In all likelihood this indicates that the final Clinton NPDES permit will be issued very soon, with Deer Island...

Green Sheet – Proposed FY18 Comments and Recommendations

The June 2017 installment of the Green Sheet gives a brief overview of the Advisory Board’s Integrated Comments and Recommendations. Highlights include:

  • How we get to the lowest rate increase in five years
  • How we reevaluate risk to protect ratepayers in future years
  • Our approach on Deer Island’s NPDES permit and how it could save ratepayers millions of dollars


You can view, print, or download our entire Integrated Comments and Recommendations here.

Recent Activity
FY 2016 Q2 Goals
  • Ensure MWRA Board of Directors receives a detailed update of the impacts co-permittee language would have on MWRA and member communities.
  • Prepare to appeal final NPDES permits issued to Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant and/or Deer Island Treatment Plant.
FY 2016 Activity
  • No new activity.
Prior Activity
May 2015

  • Advisory Board approves recommendation for MWRA staff to present the issues and impacts of including co-permittee language in the pending NPDES permits.

February 2015

  • Environmental Appeals Board denies appeal of Charles River Pollutant Control District’s NPDES permit.
  • Decided not to pursue further legal action on CRPDC permit.

September 2014

  • Advisory Board sent a check to Bowditch-Dewey to aid in the legal costs of the CRPCD’s appeal of the NPDES permit issued to them by the EPA in July, 2014.

August 2014

  • The Advisory Board’s Executive Committee voted to approve $5,000.00 towards the legal costs of CRPCD’s appeal of the NPES permit issued to them by the EPA in July, 2014.


  • Advisory Board’s Executive Committee approves putting legal counsel on retainer in anticipation of a NPDES permit being issued to the Deer Island Treatment Plant in which co-permittees were named. Seven years later, EPA has not yet issued the permit.
Comments and Recommendations History
FY 2016 (printed June 2015)

  • The Advisory Board recommends that Authority staff draft an informational staff summary and provide a detailed presentation to the full MWRA Board of Directors in July 2015 on the history and the significance of the issues at stake with regard to co-permittee language in the Deer Island NPDES permit. (page 96; #24)

FY 2015 (printed May 2014)

  • The Advisory Board recommended reducing budgeted amounts related to costs of a new NPDES permit, as EPA has failed to issue the permit for a number of years. (page 68; #17) and (page 72; #19)