Goal: In the short-term, secure state funding to ensure that rate-payer money is not used to fund this state initiative; in the long-term, ensure that a full co-digestion program generates substantial revenue for the Authority.

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FY 2016 Q2 Goal
  • Monitor responses to Authority’s Request for Interest. Continue to advocate for any program to be a significant revenue generator.
FY 2016 Activity

September 2015

  • MWRA staff presented to MWRA Board of Directors an info staff summary detailing plans to issue a Request for Interest to determine if a market would exist for a full-scale co-digestion program at Deer Island.
Prior Activity

June 2015

  • Advisory Board staff presented to Board of Directors on recommendation that MassDEP present all available data on the organics ban that was put into place on October 1st 2014 (i.e. tons of organics diverted and to where they were diverted)

March 2015

  • Undersecretary of Environmental Affairs Bartlett addressed Advisory Board.
  • Met with MWRA staff – current thinking is co-digestion startup will begin in Jan 2015.

September 2014

  • Brought MassDEP Commissioner to the Advisory Board meeting held at BWSC to discuss, among other things, MassDEP’s views on co-digestion.

March 2014

  • AB Executive Director published an editorial titled, “Time to Hit the Pause Button.” The editorial called for all co-digestion related work to stop until questions were answered by the Authority and the Commonwealth related to cost estimates and financial assistance.
Comments and Recommendations History

FY 2016 (printed June 2015)

  • The Advisory Board recommends that the Authority arrange a presentation to the MWRA Board of Directors from MassDEP on the status of the Organics Diversion Program. Additionally, the Advisory Board recommends that Authority staff then extrapolate from this information the viability of a market/supply for Deer Island should codigestion be deemed viable. (page 99; #27)

FY 2015 (printed May 2014)

  • Advisory Board recommended that the co-digestion pilot program should not be resumed until an updated estimate on the costs required to resume the pilot program were detailed and the Commonwealth provided the Authority with its plans for substantial financial support. (page 81; #23)

FY 2014 (printed June 2013)

  • Advisory Board recommended that the Authority design a co-digestion program that could provide a financial benefit to the Authority significantly greater than the costs associated with co-digestion. (page 73; #8)