Challenges Ahead

At the next Advisory Board meeting Executive Director Joe Favaloro will update members on the challenges we see ahead for FY17. Top of the list are:

Cross-Harbor Cable Could Cost Ratepayers Mega-Millions


The Advisory Board has stated time and again that “we pay for projects once.” The MWRA agrees with our position, but the federal government has filed suit to leave MWRA ratepayers with the bill. The AB pledges to fight on this issue. Communities have already paid $104 million for the installation of the cable – they should not pay several million more for the same project.

NPDES Permits Nigh

The towns of Clinton and Lancaster have received letters from EPA that signal the Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant will be issued soon, and that Deer Island’s will soon follow. Language naming MWRA’s communities as co-permittees is expected. Mr. Favaloro will outline an approach for this development.

Storm(water) Is Brewing

The final MS4 permits will go into effect next year. Hear how we plan to help our communities prepare.

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