September 2018

Shedding Light on an Idea

MWRA in the Skyline

What do the Custom House, Zakim Bridge, and the new Government Center T-stop all have in common? The answer is they are three of the many structures brought to life by introducing lights at night. Adding some color through lights provides a new, sometimes iconic, feel to these structures. It allows us to recognize special events and holidays.



The Zakim Bridge lit up at night. Photo from Celso Barriga photography.

These types of lights are not just a phenomenon in Boston, but are also employed throughout the US and rest of the world. They add a distinctive and memorable quality.


The skyline of Hong Kong. Photo from Trip Advisor.

In our comments and recommendations, the Advisory Board suggested that lighting up the egg-shaped digesters on Deer Island would add a new dimension to the area skyline. Imagine the view from the air as you fly in or out of Logan Airport. Below is a rendering.

This is not a new idea. The Newtown Creek digesters are part of the mosaic of New York City’s nighttime lights. The Advisory Board has begun to reach out to prospective stakeholders to solicit support and assistance to develop a plan that will someday (hopefully) make this a reality.


October Finance Summit

Better Understanding the Intricacies of

MWRA Finances

Executive Committee members will be holding a finance summit with MWRA staff and their financial adviser, June Matte, on October 19, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM for an overview of all facets of MWRA finances.

Bernard Cooper, Assistant Town Manager of Norwood and Advisory Board Finance Chair, said, “Having an even better understanding of MWRA finances allows us all to do our review more effectively.” Non-executive committee member designees are welcome to join the meeting. Please notify Advisory Board staff if you are interested.


Community Tour of Spot Pond

Water Facilities in Focus

Last Friday, over 30 local officials from the Northern Intermediate High, Northern High, and Northern Low water service areas attended a tour of the facilities around Spot Pond. Stops included the Gillis Pump Station, the new Spot Pond Covered Storage Tanks, and the High Fells Covered Storage Tanks. As always, MWRA staff provided thorough and enjoyable talks. Both Advisory Board and MWRA staffs are looking to schedule future targeted tours. If you have a suggestion for a tour, please share with us.


FY19 Executive Committee

Full Roster for the Upcoming Year

At the September Advisory Board meeting, members voted the following individuals to serve as the FY19 Executive Committee:

Lou Taverna, Newton (Chair)
Bernie Cooper, Norwood (Finance Chair)
John G. Sanchez, Burlington (Operations Chair)
Michael Rademacher, Arlington (Secretary)
John P. Sullivan, Boston (Treasurer)
John DeAmicis, Stoneham
Elena Proakis Ellis, Melrose
Moe Handel, MAPC
Robert King, Somerville
Yem Lip, Malden
Tim MacDonald, Cambridge
Lou Mammolette, Chelsea
David Manugian, Bedford
Jeremy Marsette, Natick
Brendan O’Regan, Saugus
Ralph Pecora, Lexington
Nicholas Rystrom, Revere


Upcoming Events

For the Month of October

October 8 | Columbus Day (office closed)
October 17 | 10:00 AM, MWRA Board of Directors Meeting in MWRA Board Room
October 19 | 9:00 AM, Finance Summit at Advisory Board offices


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