November 2016

Advisory Board Raises Concerns over Mountain Biking

Editorial from

Executive Director Joe Favaloro

As part of its watershed management plan, DCR has established clear rules and regulations that allow for passive recreational use of watershed lands – activities such as hiking, which do not jeopardize these protected waters. Activities that may endanger this protection have been clearly, and strictly prohibited. In recent years, however, mountain bikers have begun encroaching upon the watersheds. Moreover, some have begun altering those lands for their own purposes by cutting trees and building structures to facilitate this illicit use of watershed lands.

The mountain bikers have been aggressively pushing for a change in regulations to utilize watershed lands for bike trails. Up until now the answer has been a loud and decisive “NO.”

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REMINDER! Water Redundancy Meeting Coming December 8th

Learn about how the largest project in MWRA history could affect your community

Full Stakeholder Letter for MWRA Long-Term Redundancy Workshop

The AB meeting/workshop on MWRA long-term water redundancy is NEXT WEEK. 

It is important for your community - from your CEOs and elected officials to your finance staff and technical/operations staff - to be aware of this project. The challenges are big: costs for this project could exceed $1.5 billion, and different construction methods would create different levels of impacts to communities. Yet, the economic cost of not completing this project could be far greater.

Join us on December 8 at the Yawkey Center at Boston College. All of us will have an opportunity to learn, listen, ask questions, and weigh in on a potentially significant MWRA project.

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Diverse Perspectives to

Prepare for the Future

Notes from the Stormwater Finance Forum

Fresh from attending the Stormwater Finance Forum at the University of New Hampshire, the Advisory Board is energized about helping our communities continue to address their stormwater needs.

Our goals are to be an advocate for our communities, stay up-to-date on the latest strategies to comply with the MS4 permit, and provide a comprehensive list of resources to guide planning and implementation.

The Stormwater Finance Forum, hosted by the New England Environmental Finance Center, could not have come at a better time. The two-day event was attended by professionals from every New England state, ranging from federal to local government, and private firms to non-profits. Click here to read more.


Upcoming Events

For the month of December

December 8 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, AB meeting on MWRA Long-Term Water Redundancy, Yawkey Center at Boston College

December 14 | MWRA Board of Directors meeting (Charlestown Navy Yard)

December 26 | AB office closed


Lastly, the Advisory Board staff wishes all of you and your families a happy and safe holiday season!

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