May 2017

Advisory Board Recommends

3.19% Increase in

MWRA Community Assessments

A Record Low

The Advisory Board’s recommendation reduces the MWRA’s rate revenue requirement from 3.79% to 3.19%, the smallest increase in five years. At the May 18th meeting, the Advisory Board unanimously approved the Integrated Comments and Recommendations on the MWRA’s Proposed FY18 Capital Improvement Program and Current Expense Budget. Advisory Board recommendations include:

• Reducing the MWRA’s current expense budget by nearly $4.2 million 

• Proposing a funding strategy for the cross-harbor cable replacement to avoid “rate shock” in future years

• Addressing the overreaching regulations of Enterococcus treatment at Deer Island

• Exploring possible methodologies for funding NPDES delegation

To view all Advisory Board recommendations, please click here.

The Advisory Board will present our comments to the full MWRA Board of Directors on June 7th. The MWRA budget will be finalized on June 28th.


DEP Releases Updated I/I Guidelines

Improving I/I Analyses

Supplementing the 1993 Guidelines for Performing Infiltration/Inflow Analyses and Sewer System Evaluation Surveys is a May 2017 update from MassDEP. The recent update aims to provide communities with a more straightforward and comprehensive method to conduct sewer system evaluations. It provides critical information on meeting Clean Water Act requirements, as well as the MassDEP regulations in 314 CMR 12.00 that mandate an I/I Analysis or Plan from all sewer authorities by December 31, 2017. A one-year extension may be granted to sewer authorities who submit a written request by the December 31 deadline. Information about this possible extension, as well as other documents about the program requirements, can be found on the MassDEP website here.


Advisory Board Staff Meets with

State Treasurer Goldberg

Benefits of Infrastructure Investment

On May 15th, Advisory Board staffers Joe Favaloro and Matt Romero, along with members of the Water Infrastructure Alliance, met with Treasurer Goldberg to discuss initiatives, opportunities, and strategies to expand water and wastewater infrastructure funding. Mr. Favaloro emphasized that investing in water and sewer infrastructure equates to a win for the environment, our cities and towns, and the Massachusetts economy. For instance, did you know that for every $1 of water/wastewater infrastructure spent, up to $20 comes back in taxes and private investment? Read more about the link between infrastructure investment and economic development in the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management report here.


Save the Date! August 17, 2017

Annual Field Trip on the Horizon

Summer’s on the way, and we have already begun planning our annual field trip. This year, we are tentatively looking at a boat tour starting at Deer Island. We hope you can make it to this insider’s look into MWRA facilities. Stay tuned for more details.


Upcoming Events

For the Month of June

June 7 | 10:00 AM, MWRA Board of Directors Meeting (AB presentation on our Comments and Recommendations for BOD discussion) in Charlestown
June 9 | 8:30 AM, Executive Committee Meeting at AB offices
June 15 | 11:30 AM, Advisory Board Meeting at Wellesley Free Library
June 28 | 10:00 AM, MWRA Board of Directors Meeting in Charlestown


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