Green Sheet – FY16 1st Quarter Update

This installment of the Green Sheet provides an overview of the MWRA’s capital and current expense budgets for the first three months of the current fiscal year. Click below to learn:

  • How increased retirements are affecting the MWRA’s budget.
  • How much the Authority plans to contribute to OPEB at the end of FY16.
  • What court-mandated project is driving overspending in the wastewater capital budget.


September 2015 Board Discussion Highlights and Voting Summary

The September 2015 Board Discussion Highlights and Voting Summary features discussion on the following topics and more!

  • MWRA Board votes to provide Southfield with MWRA water, contingent upon fulfillment of all regulatory and procedural requirements
  • Authority proposes to issue a request for interest for the potential future supply and delivery of food waste to Deer Island for co-digestion

Additional background and MWRA staff summaries for all topics can be found here.

September 2015 News and Notes

Check out this month’s edition of News and Notes to see:

  • The full listing of the newly elected FY16 Executive Committee
  • The next steps being taken to change the DEP molybdenum limits.
  • See photos of the memorial bench dedicated to Baby Bella on Deer Island by MWRA employees.