July 2015 News and Notes

Check out this month’s edition of News and Notes to learn more about:

  • What we’ll see on this year’s Annual Field Trip, and how to sign up
  • How much Debt Service Assistance the MWRA would have received this year if the original formula had been fully funded. (Hint: it’s in the tens of millions)
  • Read MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey’s reflections on the MWRA’s 30th Anniversary

June 24, 2015 Board Discussion Highlights and Voting Summary

The June 24, 2015 Board Discussion Highlights and Voting Summary features discussion on the following topics and more!

  • MWRA Board of Directors welcomes new member
  • Have you seen the latest visitor at the Quabbin Spillway?
  • MWRA Board approves Capital Budget of $148.1 million spending level
  • MWRA Board approves Current Expense Budget of $702.5 million, a combined increase of 3.4%

Additional background and MWRA staff summaries for all topics can be found here.