Green Sheet – FY15 Mid-Year Financial Update

This month’s Green Sheet provides an update on the MWRA’s budgets halfway through the current fiscal year. Click to view the highlights including:

  • Which 3 communities have begun using the expanded Phase 9 I/I funding?
  • How has favorable diesel pricing impacted the Authority’s budget?

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December 17, 2014 Board Discussion Highlights

The December 17, 2014 Board of Directors Discussion Highlights and Voting Summary are here!

Highlights of this meeting include:

  • the transmittal of the Authority’s FY16 Proposed Capital Improvement Program to the MWRA Advisory Board for its review and comment
  • MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey recognizes the efforts of outgoing Board Members, Secretary Maeve Bartlett, Chair of the MWRA Board of Directors, and Brian Swett, City of Boston Representative  

Additional background and MWRA staff summaries for all topics can be found here.

Newton Receives $3.7 Million from Expanded I/I Program

In a kickoff to the newly expanded Inflow/Infiltration Community Assistance Program, the Advisory Board and MWRA presented Mayor Setti Warren with a ceremonial check. Click here to view a video of the ceremony.

Newton Receives $3.7 Million

From left: Mayor Setti Warren, Joe Favaloro, MWRA Advisory Board Executive Director; Katherine Dunphy, MWRA Advisory Board Chair Alderman Ruthanne Fuller; Alderman Deb Crossley; Fred Laskey, MWRA Executive Director. Photo courtesy of the City of Newton.