Sign Up Now: Stormwater Conference May 7-8

neweaRegistration is now open for the Portsmouth, New Hampshire stormwater conference hosted by NEWEA and the New England Environmental Finance Center. April 30 is the pre-registration deadline. Sessions on May 7 will focus on BMP case studies, while the May 8 session is tailored to developing financial tools for stormwater management programs. Read the program here. This is a great opportunity to learn from other communities what they did to get the ball rolling. Sign up today!

#MuniWorks | Stakeholder Letter for MWRA Long-Term Water Redundancy workshop

Dear Stakeholder,

Each decade there is one construction project that sets the stage for decades to come – a generational decision the impacts and benefits of which are felt for the next 30 years or beyond. For the MWRA, these projects have included the Boston Harbor Cleanup, the Carroll Water Treatment Plant, and the MetroWest Tunnel. Today, the generational decision for the MWRA is how to best ensure potable drinking water for all of its cities and towns all of the time. The project that will accomplish this for Greater Boston is the MWRA’s Metropolitan Water Redundancy Project.

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