• Residential Rate
  • 1. Fund type
  • 2. Date last adjusted:
  • 3. Date next adjusted:
  • 4. Billing Frequency
  • 5. Residential Rate Structure:
  • RangeUnitRate 
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  • 6. Does you community allow residents to use 2nd (irrigation) meters to remove outdoor water use from the sewer bill calculation?
  • 7. Sewerage is based on: % of water usage
  • 8. Other Charges or Additional Info:
  • 9. Discounts:
  • 10. Description:
  • Commercial Rate:
  • 11. Billing Frequency
  • 12. Commercial Rate Structure:
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  • 13. Percentage of water unaccounted for?
  • 14. Has your community adopted the water and/or sewer debt service exclusion as provided for under MGL59 Section 21 C(n)?
  • 15. Percentage of service bills liened:
  • 16. In managing your water and sewer fund, have you experienced revenue shortfalls due to lower than projected water use in the last three years?
  • 17. MWRA charges as a percent of total expenses?
  • 18. Number of miles of pipeline rehabilitated or replaced in FY16:
  • 19. Please select the range that best describes your community's water and sewer infrastructure capital needs over the next five years in dollars.
  • 20. How much do you anticipate spending on water and sewer capital needs over the next five years in dollars.
  • With the general permits for stormwater discharges in place to be effective on July 1, 2017, the MWRA Advisory Board is beginning to develop an information base of how our member communities are currently handling, or are planning to handle, the operating and capital costs associated with stormwater management. See Appendix G of the 2015 Retail Rate Survey for findings from previous year.

  • 21. How does your community recover stormwater costs?
  • 22. Please provide any additional detail about your current stormwater recovery method:
  • 23. Do you anticipate changing the way you recover stormwater costs in the next year (prior to the effective date of July 1, 2017)?
  • 24. If yes, please describe your anticipated method of cost recovery:
  • 25. Please estimate the your community's total capital stormwater costs. For internal use only. Will not be published in the document.
  • Respondent's Data
  • Did you fill out last year's Advisory Board water and sewer questionnaire?
  • Please provide any comments or suggestions you may have on the MWRA Advisory Board Annual Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey, including additional information you would like to see collected in future years.
  • Please return this electronic version of our survey to via email to james.guiod@mwraadvisoryboard.com by September 30, 2016. Thank you for your assistance!
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