Open Checkbook

In the spirit of the Commonwealth’s Transparency Act, the Advisory Board will post and maintain the Advisory Board’s fiscal year budget and staff/salary information below:

thumbnail of 2 – FY19 Proposed AB Budget 4-12-18



  • Joseph Favaloro, Executive Director – Since 1988, Mr. Favaloro has served as the Executive Director of the MWRA Advisory Board. Prior to that, he represented both Somerville and Newton on the MWRA Advisory Board and Executive Committee. Current Salary: $143,206
  • Matthew Romero, Director of Communications – Matt joined the Advisory Board as the Senior Policy and Finance Analyst in 2006, moving into the role of Manager of Policy and Finance in 2011. Matt is currently the Director of Communications. Prior to working for the Advisory Board, Matt worked for the Town of Framingham and the Town of Canton. Current Salary: $115,425
  • James Guiod, Senior Finance and Policy Analyst – James joined the Advisory Board staff on December 1, 2015 as a Finance and Policy Analyst. Prior to joining the Advisory Board, James worked in the private sector. Current Salary: $71,992
  • Lenna Ostrodka,  Senior Finance and Policy Analyst – Lenna is an environmental scientist with experience in stormwater management, water data collection and analysis, and stakeholder engagement. She specializes in public outreach and education as related to natural resources. In addition to acting as a liaison between MWRA member communities and the Advisory Board, Lenna will support the staff with research, budget analysis, database management, and developing outreach tools. Lenna is originally from the Chicago area and studied at the University of Illinois and Miami University. Current salary: $69,895
  • Cornelia Potter,Part-Time Employee – Ms. Potter has served on the staff of the Advisory Board since 1986, as Manager for Finance and Policy Review. She moved to part-time status in 2011. Prior to that, she worked for ten years at the New England River Basins Commission. She has also served as an economist at the Export-Import Bank in Washington DC. Current Salary: Not to Exceed $43,330