“Board Briefs” – July 19, 2017 MWRA Board of Directors Meeting

With a light agenda for this month’s meeting, both the Committee Meetings and the full Board meeting were held in the afternoon.

Chelsea Creek Headworks - Change Order 3

At the June 2017 meeting MWRA staff noted that there would be a series of change orders for the Chelsea Creek Headworks project due to the age and unforeseen conditions in the facility. Change Order 3 added over $1.1 million in costs to the project mostly related to PCB removal and remediation as required by law.

Board Member Joe Foti inquired about the forms of odor control that were to be used at Chelsea Creek Headworks. MWRA staff indicated that only carbon would be used at Chelsea Creek. At last month’s Board Meeting, there had been similar discussion over the Nut Island Headworks Odor Control project. Without any measurable justification, the Nut Island Headworks project includes two forms of odor control, whereas Chelsea Creek will have one – a point Board Member Andy Pappastergion inquired about.

Stay tuned for more news on the future change orders on this project.

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