Green Sheet – FY19 1st Quarter Update

This installment of the Green Sheet provides an overview of the MWRA’s capital and current expense budgets for the first three months of the current fiscal year. Click below to learn more about:

  • CIP spending 20% above budget for first three months of fiscal year
  • How electricity and diesel fuel costs are affecting direct costs
  • Under spending in sewer loan program and over spending in water loan program

2017 Water & Sewer Retail Survey

There is no better way to ring in the New Year than by reviewing the water and sewer rates from this year. The 2017 Advisory Board Water and Sewer Retail Rate Survey is here! The 2017 document highlights a 2.2% increase from the prior year for the average annual cost of water and sewer services for a household in the MWRA service area at the industry standard usage of 120 HCF (90,000 gallons); the average cost in 2017 being $1,558.47.

You’ll notice some new additions to the document this year. The 2017 survey features an additional 60 pages dedicated to the long-term rate trends of the MWRA communities. In addition to the detailed 2017 information regularly found in the survey, ratepayers can now see how rates have evolved in their communities over the past couple of decades.

The rate survey data is no longer limited to the annual document either. Be sure to also check out the Retail Rate Calculator on the Advisory Board website as well. Here, ratepayers can estimate household water and sewer costs for MWRA communities at any level of water usage.

Be on the lookout for a thumb drive with a copy of this survey in the mail very soon.

FY 2017, Quarter Three Review

This edition gives an overview of MWRA’s capital and current expense spending through the close of the third quarter of FY17.

Click below to learn more about:

• Current status of the HEEC cross-harbor cable relocation project

• Reduction in waterworks capital spending since Quarter 2

• And more!

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Green Sheet – FY17 Mid-Year Update

This edition gives an overview of MWRA’s capital and current expense spending halfway through the fiscal year. Click below to learn:

• The current estimated costs for the Cross-Harbor Cable relocation

• How much waterworks capital spending is overspent and why this is a good thing

• And more!

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January 2017 Green Sheet