January 2018

Governor Baker Includes DSA

in House 2 Budget

Sewer Rate Relief Fund

As part of House 2 (FY19 Proposed State Budget), Governor Baker has included $500,000 in Line Item 1231-1000 (Sewer Rate Relief Fund). We will work with the House and Senate to ensure that Debt Service Assistance remains a piece of the FY19 State Budget. Thank you again to Governor Baker for keeping the DSA line item alive - any DSA received directly reduces community assessments. 


And Then There Were Three...

Portland, OR to Install Filtration Plant

Portland, Oregon is one of four large unfiltered water systems in the country that the MWRA uses for comparison. Soon, only three (Seattle, San Francisco, and New York) will remain, as Portland is slated to install a filtration plant to treat for Cryptosporidium after the reservoir repeatedly tested positive during sampling. Portland had been granted a variance on the filtration requirement since historically no Crypto was detected. The variance was revoked in December, however, as positive samples taken during the last year overwhelmed the system. The cause appears to be related to heavy rains washing and mixing animal waste into the reservoir.

Monitoring for Crypto is on-going, and interim measures designed to protect the water supply are in place until the filtration plant is scheduled to go online in 2027. While Portland does not permit public access for recreation, the situation illustrates how quickly the need for treatment can escalate. For systems like Portland and the MWRA, watershed protection remains a critical priority. The dual goals of providing the best quality water while saving the ratepayers money remain paramount. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the news in Portland as well as other unfiltered systems around the country.


Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

Your Chance to Provide Feedback

EPA is exploring possible revisions of the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). Pursuant to the Federalism” Executive Order, they are conducting outreach to state and local officials as part of this process. The Advisory Board has created a new resource page on our website to help our communities keep up to date with the latest developments and to provide feedback. Learn about LCR background, lead and copper health effects, EPA outreach efforts, and more.


Green Sheet - Q2 Review

Looking at the Next Five-Year Cap

Green Sheet video

Did you check out our latest installment of the Green Sheet? We break down spending through the end of this quarter, as well as put the Authority’s five-year spending cap into context. Click through the image to watch.


Your Voice Matters

Talk Back Topics

Who knew talking about setting rates could be so riveting?! Thanks to you, our Talk Back session during January’s Advisory Board meeting generated some productive dialogue. For February’s meeting, we’d love to have you vote on the discussion topic important to you and your community:

• Updates on stormwater - is your community ready for the permit?

• Climate change issues - what is your community doing to be more resilient?

• Lead program testing - how are schools and day care facilities in your community affected?

Vote on the topic of your choice, as well as provide additional ideas for future Talk Back topics, here. Thanks for your input! Looking forward to another great discussion at February’s meeting in Wellesley.


Upcoming Events

For the Month of February

February 9 | 8:30 AM, Executive Committee Meeting at AB Offices
February 15 | 11:30 AM, Advisory Board Meeting in Wellesley
February 21| 10:00 AM, MWRA Board of Directors Meeting in MWRA Board Room


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